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Getting Back to School Ready

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As much as we don’t want it to be true, summer is coming to an end, which means back to school time is just around the corner. Make your life a little easier by getting prepped for the mayhem of back to school now. Follow these tips to help ease back into the work routine and help your kids get excited about going back to school (OK- excited might be a stretch, but mitigate the tantrums at least).

For You

Meal Prep

The biggest service you can do for yourself is to meal prep! After summer vacations and working shorter hours it can be hard to get back into a strict schedule. Pick 3 recipes and make a big batch to freeze for the upcoming weeks. That way, you’ll have a few different options ready to go. You can also make calendars for what you want to eat to make meal planning easier.

C21 Tip: Get inspiration from you local meal prep service. Their descriptions often list many ingredients needed.

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Weekly Planner

Everything is easier when it is written down and scheduled in. Have a weekly planner up on your fridge so you can plan out your work/ leisure activities for the upcoming week. Don’t forget to schedule yourself some fun!

Ease into Routine

If you’ve been working a lighter schedule over the summer it can be hard going straight back into a 9-5. Start by getting up earlier a couple days a week to get your body back into a regular schedule.

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For Your Kids

First Day Gift

Start the day off on a positive note and present your child with a little back-to-school gift. By starting this tradition at an early age it will help to instill a positive attitude about going back to school. It doesn’t have to be a fancy present-- a new backpack or a book--- but it will get them excited about school!

Lunch Box Note

The first day back can be very long and kids can get homesick during the day. A little note in their lunchbox will remind them that home isn’t too far away.

First Day/ Nervous kids

For kindergarteners starting school for the first time or nervous kids, it can help to go up to the school a couple times before the first day. If they take a bus to school, show them where the bus will pick them up or walk them to school if it’s walking distance. Walk them around the school so they can get familiar and minimize surprises on the first day.

Summer Date Ideas for Any Budget

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1. Picnic in the park

This is a summer date night classic. Grab a blanket, a bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers. For a fun spin on the classic picnic, go old school and make a playlist of all the songs that were popular when you were in high school and bring your favourite childhood candy.

2. Volunteer at an animal shelter

What better way to bond than by taking care of some cute animals at your local shelter. Often shelters get busy, so call up and book a time to come in to volunteer.

3. Go biking

Trade in four wheels for two and discover new places in your neighbourhood. FInd a restaurant you’ve always wanted to go and bike there instead of driving or taking transit. As you cycle along with the summer breeze in your hair, you will feel like you are the star of your own rom-com.

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1. Drive-In movies

This is a classic spin on going to the movies. Pack a picnic and bring a blanket in case it gets cold.

2. Fruit picking

Get outside and to your local “pick your own” strawberry, raspberry or blueberry patch. Once you’ve picked as many berries as you can carry then make some jam or a pie when you get home!

3. Have a camp-out

The best part about the summer? Camping! Going camping doesn’t have to be an elaborate trip that takes weeks of planning. Find a campground close to your house or set a tent up in your own backyard and have a cheeky weekend of camping at home!

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$50 plus

1. Attend a Minor League Baseball Game

Minor league baseball (MILB) is a really fun and a cheaper alternative to splashing out on a major league game. Tickets usually go for about $16.00. Factor in a couple of beers and a hot dog and it’s a relatively inexpensive ball game!

2. Get on the water

On a hot summer day, nothing beats the heat better than getting in the water! Rent some kayaks or a canoe and head out for a beautiful day on the lake! Then jump in after for a refreshing end to the day!

3. Rent a cabin

Cozy up for the weekend at a cabin by the lake. Depending on your budget, go away for either a night or two. Get food to bbq and some wine and you’re all set for a peaceful weekend away.

Refer a Friend Charitable Donation - Pathstone Mental Health

Wondering how you can help your community? If you can think of anyone in the area who might be interested in moving in the near future, please refer them to us. If they list or buy with us, upon the successful completion of their sale, we will make a $500 donation to the charity of your choice, providing you with the charitable tax receipt.

Click on the image above to watch the video or click here to view the video in YouTube window.

Recently, we made a donation to Pathstone Mental Health. This foundation’s mission is to strengthen the quality of life for children, youth and families who are dealing with mental health challenges. Pathstone Mental Health has been serving the Niagara Region since 1966 under the name Niagara Child Development Centre. In January 2011, Niagara Child and Youth Services changed its name to Pathstone Mental Health. “Pathstone” represents guidance along a pathway to improved mental health. The stepping stones in the logo represent strong, solid steps and important milestones in a person’s journey toward enhanced mental health. “Mental Health” was purposefully included in the name to reduce the stigma related to mental health.

Please visit their website ( to learn more about them or to make your own donation to their foundation.

Does a pool add value to your property?

According to Doug Ellwood of Appraisals Niagara Real Estate Appraisers Inc., In-ground pools have gained greater acceptance in the last 5 or so years. When it come to market value, we need to consider the fact that some people want in-ground pools and some do not. We all know that pools are expensive to install, but when it comes to added value, we would expect most-likely a range from $10,000-$15,000 as a contributory value. Having said that, if the pool is brand new, we would adjust the value higher accordingly. We do not consider above ground pools as adding value.

In our last survey regarding pools and landscaping, here’s what our survey participants had to say.

1. Would you buy a house with a pool?

2. What is a pool worth to you?

Average value $6,000

3. Rank in order of importance.

4. Would an above ground pool add value?

5. What shape of pool do you prefer?

Hidden Canadian Destinations to Visit This Summer

01 Hidden Destinations
02 Hidden Destinations

Summer is just around the corner so the time to start trip planning is now! We live in a big, beautiful country so it can be hard to decide where to travel. This summer try something a little off the beaten path. There are limitless places to explore, whether you want to explore somewhere in your own backyard or take a trip to a new province you will be spoiled. Here are five Canadian gems to consider:

03 Hidden Destinations

1. Cape Breton, NS

The east coast of Canada is home to some of the friendliest Canadians, stunning coastal landscapes and the most delicious lobster you will eat in your life. One of the most breathtaking spots in the Maritimes is Cape Breton Island. The island is located at the eastern end of Nova Scotia. Although it’s a small place, it is full of stunning coastal walks, wild forests and some of the best fiddle music in the world. Cape Breton is like no other place in Canada.

2. Elora, Ontario

Hidden away from the buzz of big city, Elora is 1.5 hours away from Toronto and is a secret gem in Ontario. The small town has become a hip, trendy local hotspot for all things art, culture, music and food/drink. A few years ago, the Elora Brewing Company opened its doors and it has become the cornerstone of the Elora community. The small town now hosts Riverfest every summer, bands such as The Flaming Lips, MGMT and Blue Rodeo have played at the festival . No longer a small, sleepy town, Elora will soon be in all the tour books-- check it out before it gets overrun with tourists!

3. Whitehorse, YT

The territories are hard to get to but, once you‘re there, it’s worth it. Yukon’s capital, Whitehorse, is home to some of the most majestic animals in Canada. The best place to see these animals is at the Wildlife Preserve, from moose to bears to musk-ox you’ll see them all living their best lives. Plus, the best part about visiting Whitehorse in the summer is you get almost 24 hours of sunlight!

04 Hidden Destinations

4. Yoho National Park, B.C.

B.C is an adventure playground when it comes to the amount of sports and activities that are available. In the southeastern part of B.C., by the Alberta border lies Yoho National Park. The park is small in comparison to Banff and Jasper, making it a good destination if you are short on time but still want to see a lot. The park has over 400 kilometers of hiking trails, waterfalls and snow capped mountains-- what more could you want?!

5. Elk Island National Park, AB

Banff and Jasper get all the attention in Alberta which means they also get all the tourists. Avoid the hordes of tourists and have your own adventure at Elk Island National Park. The park is located 35 km east of Edmonton along the Yellowhead Highway, which goes through the park. The park offers incredible canoe trips, sailing and hikes, so put on your boots and start exploring!

5 Tips to Make Your Garden Blooming Fantastic This Summer

5 Tips Garden Blooming
02 5 Tips Garden Blooming

April showers only bring May flowers if you also do some work! Having a blooming beautiful garden this summer will take hard work and patience. The good news is it will payoff when you have a lush garden in the end. Follow these five tips to have the prettiest garden on the block.

03 5 Tips Garden Blooming

1. Weed by hand

Try to weed only by hand as it is less harmful than using pesticides and will keep your soil healthier. Keep weeds under control and prevent them from seeding by weeding weekly. A C21 pro-tip is to use mulch to smother and prevent annual weeds. To avoid weeds altogether try replacing grass with clover, weeds have a harder time growing in clover. Plus it looks pretty!

2. Right time, right place

Different plants thrive in different environments, so make sure you design your garden strategically depending on what you want to grow. Before you start planting check the seed’s information to see when they need to be planted and how much sun and water they need.

3. Compost

Feed your soil what it wants- compost! Adding organic elements to soil will be more beneficial than chemical fertilizers. Healthy soil should be crumbly, easy to dig and rich in colour. If your soil is lacking in these components then consider adding on more compost to boost it’s nutrient intake.

04 5 Tips Garden Blooming

4. Trim and prune

Just like your hair, plants need a little trim to keep their branches healthy and strong. For smaller plants, deadheading wilted or dead flowers will promote new growth. Trees and shrubs require pruning shears and a measuring tape to see how much needs to be chopped. Look online to find out how much your plant needs to be pruned before you go in with the shears.

5. Keep it fruity

Add a sweet touch to your garden by planting fruit trees in your backyard. Not only do they look beautiful but they also provide shade and attract bees to your garden. Plus, there is nothing better than chowing down on fruit grown in your own backyard!

$500 Charitable Donation to the Alzheimer's Society from Ashley and Barbara's Refer a Friend Program

One of our happy clients recently referred a friend as part of Barbara and Ashley's Refer a Friend Program. In addition to providing top notch service and helping this new client find their dream home, we also made a donation of $500 to the Alzheimer’s Society Niagara Region which was the charity of the referrer's choice.

Click on the image above to watch the video or click here.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Any Budget

Valentine's Day Date Ideas
Valentine's Day Statistics.png

The holiday we love to hate and hate to love is fast approaching. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an extravagant night out; simple and thoughtful often beats expensive and impersonal. Decide which budget bracket is realistic for you and plan a romantic night with your special someone.

Under $25.00

It’s true that the best things in life are free. Show your loved one that you care by planning a thoughtful evening that will create long lasting memories.

1. Ice skating and après skate

Search the skate times for your public rink or better yet find an outdoor rink in your neighbourhood. Dust off your old skates or rent a pair (rentals typically range from $5.00- $10.00 per pair). Hold hands and skate around as if you were in the movie Serendipity. Warm up after skating with a nice glass of wine and some cozy blankets at home.

2. Living room Karaoke

No need to head out in the cold to an overpriced Karaoke bar when you can do it in the privacy of your own home. Download a Karaoke app and sing your heart out. The best part about doing Karaoke at home is that no one can hear you screeching out Backstreet Boys and Cher. Plus, the money you save on going out can go towards a bottle of wine.

3. DIY Gifts

Skip the expensive gifts and make your own homemade presents. Some great options are candleholders, personalized photo frames or Valentine’s Day themed baking. If you aren’t crafty or gifted in the kitchen, make a playlist for a little romantic nostalgia.

Ideas under $25
Valentine Ideas under 50.png

$25.00 -$50.00

1. Be your own TV Chef!

A home cooked meal almost guarantees admiration. Take a look through old recipes from your favourite TV chef and find one that will dazzle the taste buds of your date.

2. Recreate your first date

Because Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday this year, it only seems fitting to have a “Throwback Thursday” themed date. Depending on how elaborate your first date was you can always scale it back to remain on budget.

3. Local Tourists

Be tourists in your own backyard. Web search “top ten things to do in (name of your city/town)” and see the sites that you never have time to see. Plan to see as many you can (depending on admissions prices), and if you have some wiggle room in your budget then throw in a couple stops at breweries or wine bars.

Valentine gifts over 150.png

Over $150.00

1. Attend a cooking class

As the proverb goes, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”-- or as we like to say “give a man a lasagna and you feed him for day. Teach a man to make a lasagna and (hopefully) he will make it for a lifetime.” There is truly nothing more romantic than sipping on wine and cooking together. Take a look at cooking classes in your area, the average price ranges from $75.00- $200.00 for making a full-course Italian meal.

2. Scavenger hunt / restaurant crawl

Why sit still at one restaurant when you can cruise around from place to place? Instead of eating one big meal, sit at the bar and have a few appetisers at a couple of the restaurants on your list. Make a fun scavenger hunt with challenges for you and your partner to do at each place. Some fun challenges to add to your list are:

  • Strike up a conversation with a stranger

  • Take a selfie with the bar staff

  • Take a shot in a restaurant/bar you’ve never been to

3. Get scared

Find something neither of you have done before such as a trapeze class, comedy/improv or a singing lesson. Not only will it be hilarious to scare the pants off your partner, it will be a great bonding activity for you both. The average price of a trapeze class is $75.00 for a private 1-hour class.

Barbara and Ashley's Refer a Friend Program - $500 Donation to BIC Church

One of our happy clients recently referred a friend as part of Barbara and Ashley's Refer a Friend Program. In addition to providing top notch service and helping this new client find their dream home, we also made a donation of $500 to the BIC Church in Port Colborne which was the charity of the referrer's choice.

The BIC church in Port Colborne is more than just a church. They offer many programs throughout the community to people of all ages. They value  integrity in relationships and mutual accountability in an atmosphere of grace, love, and acceptance. They were thrilled to receive this donation and will be using it to purchase new equipment for their youth programs.

Wondering how you can help your community? If you can think of anyone in the area who might be interested in moving in the near future, please refer them to us.  If they list or buy with us, upon the successful completion of their sale, we will make a $500 donation to the charity of your choice, providing you with the charitable tax receipt.

Ashley and Barbara Donate to Heartland Forest

Heartland Forest is a nature education centre whose mission is to provide an interactive nature experience for all, building lifelong connections with nature through dynamic and inspiring programs. With a goal of preservation and sustainability they engage the hearts and minds of their staff, volunteers and visitors.

This year, Barbara Grumme and Ashley Czinege had one of the programme groups create artwork that were used in the creation of Niagara Executive Homes’ holiday cards. In return, Ashley and Barbara donated $1 for every card they sent out to Heartland Forest.

Heartland Forest is a valuable member of the Niagara Falls community and if you would like to find out more about them, visit the nature trails or make a donation, please visit their website at:

5 Reasons Why October Is the Perfect Month for Your Niagara Falls Vacation

Niagara Falls October.jpg

It’s not uncommon for people from all over the world to get the urge to visit Niagara Falls. For over 100 years now, it’s been one of the world’s most popular destinations. While most visitors make their way to the Falls and surrounding area during the balmy summer months, autumn has an appeal that’s hard to deny. From the thinned out crowds to the fantastic foliage, here are four reasons October is the perfect month to take your Niagara Falls vacation.

  1. Hornblower Niagara Cruises Still Operates

    One reason people are often more inclined to visit the area during the height of the tourist season is due to the fact that all the fun rides and attractions are going full-tilt.While October does see some reduction in hours and entertainment, for the most part, the fun is still accessible.In particular, Hornblower Niagara Cruises is still in operation during the month of October.There is simply no better way to get up close and personal with Niagara Falls while getting doused with spray and deafened with what sounds like thunder, you can do it just as easily in October as you can in July.

  2. The Crowds are Gone

    Some people genuinely enjoy the thrill of a crowd, but if you aren’t one of them, planning an October trip is a perfect way to see the Falls without triggering your agoraphobia. Reservations at the area’s finest restaurants are easier to get. Tickets to shows are more readily had. Just strolling around town or gazing at the Falls is more easily accomplished when the happy glut of visitors has mostly gone home. It’s true that the summertime crowds can feel electric thanks to the energy and cosmopolitan nature of the thousands upon thousands who show up to experience the place. If you don’t need that sort of electricity, however, October’s slower and less-peopled pace is ideal.

  3. The Weather is Amazing

    It’s not as if it ever gets really hot in Niagara Falls. The weather’s remarkable mildness is one of the reasons the grapes produced along the Niagara Peninsula produce such excellent wines. That being said, the autumn weather is often perfect. The sweet chill in the air can often be taken care of with little more than an extra windbreaker or sweatshirt during the mornings and evenings. It can rain a bit, so you’ll want to bring an umbrella and galoshes, but overall, fall in Niagara Falls usually includes plenty of sun.

  4. The Fall Foliage

    The Niagara Region is a very fertile place, and the autumn highlights the ways the changing seasons affect it remarkably. Whether you love to hike or you love driving around the countryside, taking Niagara in during the month of October is often a feast of autumn colour that can rival New England. You’ll definitely want to bring your camera.

  5. Amazing Offers at Greystone Manor Bed & Breakfast

    We'd love to have you stay with us. As always, our rates include FREE onsite parking, FREE Wi-Fi, a full nutritious breakfast and so much more. In October, we are including some special treats to make your visit to Niagara Falls even more enjoyable. Click here to check out the offers on our official website:

So, plan your vacation for the Niagara region during the month of October. As these five reasons more than show, it’s the perfect time to visit.

Niagara's Class 6 Rapids - The White Water Walk

Experience a first-hand lesson in the raw power and peril of the Niagara River’s Class 6 white-water rapids. The roar of the river provides a deceptive calmness, the perfect ambiance for your walk among the many viewing platforms that put you right at the river’s edge. For those looking for an up-close and personal view of nature’s power, you will not want to miss this.

This self-guided tour includes many stories about the geology of the Niagara Gorge and the plant and animal life you may see on your visit to Niagara Parks.

4 Tips for a Healthy Picnic

Summer is the season for fun in the sun and outdoor picnics are a popular summertime activity in Niagara. This is not surprising if we take into consideration the region’s unparalleled natural beauty, but when heading out for a picnic with family, friends, or a significant other this summer, remember to stay healthy while enjoying the great outdoors.

1.      Bring plenty of hand sanitizer!

While some picnic facilities have public restrooms, good soap and warm water are usually hard to find when you’re on a picnic. Hand sanitizers are a great way to kill the germs on your hands before eating or coming into contact with others, especially small children.

2.      Bring simple foods

When heading out for an all-day picnic, it can be tempting to bring lots and food and other knickknacks as you worry that you might need them all at some point during the day. Remember that the simplest options are both the easiest to carry and usually the healthiest ones. Instead of greasy foods and five-course meals, bring healthy alternatives like cherry tomatoes, grapes, berries, carrot sticks, celery, olives, cheese cubes, crackers, and sandwiches.

3.      Stay hydrated!

When spending time outdoors on hot summer days perhaps the most important thing to remember is to stay hydrated. Drinking alcoholic beverages like beer may be tempting, but the most effective way to hydrate your body is with cool fresh water. Bring plenty of water in a cooler or frozen and leave it out to unfreeze before enjoying it.

4.      Enjoy a healthy and refreshing desert

While cake, chocolate, and other calorie-rich foods sure taste great, when you are out for a long time on a hot summer day the healthiest and most refreshing option is fruit! Enjoy a slice of watermelon, some grapes, an apple, or a peach and you will feel refreshed without feeling guilty about consuming all those delicious calories.

For more tips about planning a health picnic, or for ideas about great picnic spots in Niagara, feel free to contact me at

Father's Day In Canada

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Fathers-Day banner.jpg

In Canada, Father's Day is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and fanfare. Since, the tradition of celebrating Fathers Day moved to Canada from US, Fathers Day in Canada is also celebrated on third Sunday of June. Just as in US, people in Canada too wear roses to express gratitude for their father. Traditionally, if the person is wearing red rose, it symbolizes the person's father is alive. Likewise, white rose means that the person's father has passed.

father and child.jpg

Children in Canada express affection and honour for their dad by presenting them cards, flowers and chocolates. In modern times, several other gifts of love including neckties, shirts, electronic gadgets, stationery items, etc. are also gifted to father by loving children. Another noticeable trend about Fathers Day celebration in Canada is that apart from their biological father people wish “Happy Father's Day” to their grandfathers, stepfathers, foster father, uncles or any other man who is as affectionate and loving towards them as a father.

Immense popularity of Fathers Day festival has turned the occasion commercial to a significant degree. Days before the festival markets wear a festival look as gift and card sellers try to lure the people and harp on the emotional significance of the occasion.

Dining out with family is another popular Fathers Day tradition in Canada. No wonder, restaurants and eating joints witness a bumper rush on the occasion.

Getaway to the Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls

Bird Kingdom is the World’s Largest Free-Flying Indoor Aviary. Discover hundreds of tropical birds as you explore the pathways throughout the multi-level rainforest. Meet friendly parrots and exotic animals at Bird Kingdom’s Animal Encounters. Explore the ruins of the Night Jungle that is home to curious owls, bats and fascinating creatures. Lorikeet Landing provides an unforgettable experience where you may feed and interact with the playful lorikeet birds. Bird Kingdom is an exciting adventure that is fun for all ages. 

Be sure to bring your camera as you encounter exotic birds and animals up close in their natural habitats.

More Than Pretty Colours: The Health Benefits of Daffodils

With springtime upon is it is important to remember that relatively common plants such as the daffodil hold natural healing properties that are beneficial for our health. The daffodil is native to Europe and the British Isles, and it can be found growing throughout Europe and North America. Historically daffodils were appreciated for their beauty, but they were also widely used for the flower’s medicinal properties.

Daffodils are an effective remedy for the cough and cold, and they are believed to have a positive effect on the liver and gallbladder. The plant is said to act as a natural antidepressant, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant, and it is also used in cosmetic products because of its positive effects on the skin and its pleasant smell.

In addition, daffodils are said to be good for helping to speed up the healing of wounds. It is common practice in some parts of the world to apply crushed daffodils onto wounds and cuts for faster healing and drying. Applying daffodils may also have a soothing effect for people who have suffered burns to their skin.

This spring when you see beautiful daffodils in bloom, remember that their benefits extend far beyond their pleasant appearance. Mother Nature is full of natural health benefits and remedies just waiting to be rediscovered, and if you would like to learn more please don’t hesitate to contact me at


Get the Jump on Spring at the Butterfly Conservatory

Although spring is here technically, you may not be seeing it outside.  Why not visit the Butterfly Conservatory and get that taste of spring?

Located on the grounds of the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens, visitors to the Butterfly Conservatory are transported to a tropical paradise full of lush vegetation, trickling waterfalls and thousands of vibrantly coloured butterflies. Over 2,000 butterflies, made up of 45 different species, call this beautiful space home. The self-guided walking tour of the Butterfly Conservatory begins with a short, informative video presentation.

For directions or more information, visit the Niagara Parks website:


Fun Facts About St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us, but how much do most of us actually know about this special day? Here are 5 fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day that you might not have known about!

1.      St. Patrick’s Day was once synonymous with the colour blue, not green! “Saint Patrick’s blue” was a light shade of blue that was associated with St. Patrick, but the colour green came to represent St. Patrick’s day in the late 18th century after the holiday became linked to the Irish independence movement.

2.      St. Patrick wasn’t Irish! Although he is celebrated as the “Apostle of Ireland” and Ireland’s primary patron saint because he introduced Christianity to Ireland in 432 A.D., St. Patrick himself was most likely Welsh or Scottish.

3.       The shamrock represents the Holy Trinity. St. Patrick is said to have used the three-leaved clover to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity (The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit) to the pagan Irish.

4.      The first St. Patrick’s Day Parade dates back to the 1760s. The year 1762 is when the earliest known parade probably took place, and not in Ireland but in New York City!

5.      Drinking alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day is a modern practice. Despite often being associated with drinking alcohol (and especially beer), St. Patrick’s Day was once a strictly religious holiday, and bars and pubs in Ireland were actually closed for business on March 17. It was only in 1970, when St. Patrick’s Day became a national holiday in Ireland, that the idea of drinking alcohol to mark the occasion really took root.

Did you know all of these fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day? Before doing my research, I sure didn’t! Just remember: it takes more than the luck of the Irish to make money in real estate. When buying or selling your largest investment, having an experienced realtor on your side is the smartest bet. Feel free to give me a call anytime at 905-356-9100.


The Winter Festival of Lights Returns to Niagara


From November 18th through January 31st Canada’s largest festival of lights will be on full display again right here in Niagara. Celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, the Winter Festival of Lights in Niagara is renowned for its impressive displays that feature over 2 million lights, and the magical sight is seen each year by about 1.5 million people!

Every November the festival transforms Niagara Falls into a canvas of breathtaking colour with millions of sparkling lights and animated displays located within the Niagara Parks, Dufferin Islands, and surrounding tourist districts.

Illuminations include fifteen Canadian Wildlife displays, over fifty trees wrapped in lights in Dufferin Islands, the world’s largest Canadian-American Flag, the light show on the Toronto Power Generating Station, the two-storey tall Zimmerman Fountain, three-dimensional Angels at the Niagara Parks Police Building, and a visitor favourite, Noah’s Ark.

There are no admission fees to view the illuminations, and the festival features free entertainment programming for visitors, including the Fallsview Sound & Light Show at the Oakes Hotel, Laser Light Shows at the Top of Clifton Hill, and Winter Festival of Lights Opening Ceremonies in Niagara Parks Queen Victoria Park. 

For more information about the Winter Festival of Lights, including a detailed map of the 8km-long route that includes the times and locations for all events and attractions, please visit their website.

Remembrance Day 2017 in Niagara 


Each year on November 11th Canadians come together to remember all of the soldiers who gave their lives in the line of duty since the First World War. On the 11th of November 1918 the signing of the Treaty of Versailles marked the official end of World War I. Referred to at the time as The Great War, World War I was one of the deadliest conflicts in human history, and November 11th became a solemn day of remembrance for the fallen. The poppy became the symbol of Remembrance Day in 1921 due to its prominence in the famous poem “In Flanders Fields”, written by Canadian physician Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae. 

This year formal Remembrance Day ceremonies will be held in Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake, so if you want to attend the events and pay tribute to the fallen, here is the information at a glance:

Niagara-on-the-Lake - November 10, 2017


10:00 - 11:15


A commemorative ceremony honoring our brave Canadian soldiers, past and present.


Crossroads Public School


1350 Niagara Stone Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario


Niagara Falls - November 11, 2017


10:30 - 11:30


On Saturday November 11th @ 10:30 a.m. we will be honouring our Veterans who have passed and the ones still with us. All friends, family and anyone in the area that would like to join us in a beautiful Remembrance Day Service are welcome. Lunch will be served to resident's at 12:00-1:00 McPherson & Rant will entertain at 1:30 p.m. Service is located in the Theatre.


Queenston Place Retirement Residence


6440 Valley Way, Niagara Falls, Ontario