Key points to selecting a Real Estate Agent

The number one mistake people often make when chooisng a real estate agent, when selling their home, is selecting someone based solely on the fact that they're a friend or family memeber who is also a real estate agent. It's important to let your friend ro family member know that you will be interviewing other real estate agents, if for no other reaion than ot make your friend or family member be on their game to prove they are worhty of selling your home. Remember that this ia business decision, not a personal one. Following are four key points to keep in mind when selecting a real estate agent:

  1. Interview more than one real estate agent. It is valuable to hear a couple different viewpoints ont he pricing of your home, the strategy proposed for marketing and the track record of the candidates. If you're going to be working closley with this individual for a few weeks, it's important that you like the person you will be dealing with. If they turn you off in the first meeting, what do you think it will be like after three weeks of continuous contact and meetings
  2. Write out your questions in advance. This is to ensure that you 'stay on track' in your meeting and that all your concerns or queries are addressed.
  3. Innovative and fresh marketing strategies. Today's marketing strategy must have a solid Internet and/or social media component; this is the way buyers today are shopping for homes.
  4. Price Strategy. Many homeowners have an inflated view of their home and some agents will agree with your over-priced value in order to get the listing, only to 'beat you down' over the coming weeks to get your price where it should have been. If a real estate agent does not respectfully disagree or challenge you on your inflated price, then question whether this is the right professional for you. If you have chosen candidates wisely, the agent should have sold many homes in your area and knows more about the price than you do. Trust the experts.

-Article published by Dominion Lending Centres, August 2009