Estimate of Fees for First-time Purchase

Legal Fee: $600-1000, depending on lawyer Law Society Levy: $50 per transaction, depending on solicitor

Title Insurance: $250-400, depending on title insurer

Sheriff's Certificate: $11.00 per name - both purchaser and seller (purchaser before and after registration) - so if two purchasers and two sellers $66.00

Registration Costs: $70.70 for each deed and mortgage

Title Search: $100-150

HST on CMHC Insurance: Varies depending on mortgage amount

Postage, Courier, Mileage, Photocopies, etc: $50

Certified Cheques for Closing: $8.50 each

HST will apply on some of the above items

First Time Buyers do not pay any Land Transfer Tax

Closing cost normally total about 1.5-2% of the purchase price for first-time buyers

For repeat purchasers, add approximately 1% of purchase price for Land Transfer Tax