Hello Barbara

"In response to your letter that we received the other day I wanted to reply with a quick note.  We did very much appreciate your assistance throughtout the purchase of your new home.  Some of the note worthy items that we felt were above and beyond, just to name a few, would be the invitation to the St. Davids Taxpayers associatation meeting regarding the pump, this was obviously not something you had to take the time to let us know of its occurrence.  Also the assistance with obtaining information from the seller with regards to the plumbing even after we had taken possession; (we would of never have found the shut off valve otherwise).  And of course your prompt replies to our many emails, and timeliness at all of our meetings. 

Your service was excellent from beginning to end.  Your high quality services continued even after we had taken ownership.  We really appreciated the gifts and especially the donation to Heartland Forest. 

We would not hesitate to refer you to friends and family.  Thanks again for all of your assistance it was wonderful."


Kind Regards........