Love Your Life Seminar "Intentional Living and Developing an Edge"

Seminar on Wednesday March 16th, 2011

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The Practice of Giving an “A”!

Speaker: Mr. Neil Thornton


Neil A. Thornton, Corporate Executioner

The Thornton Group of Companies 905.401.1434




Our speaker at the Love Your Life Seminar on Wednesday March 16th, 2011 was Mr. Neil Thornton fromthe leader of the Thornton Group of Companies, and a Managing Partner with Trigger Strategies. He spoke about “The Art of Possibility”, Ben Zander being the source. 


Mr. Neil Thornton teaches a class at Niagara College in Niagara on the Lake and in the beginning of the year he has his students give themselves an “A”.   Then he has them write a letter and date it to the end of the semester starting with the words: “I received my “A” because.......  He believes that this practice of “Giving an A” transports our relationships from the world of measurement to the universe of possibility!  Your eye is on the statue with the roughness of the uncut stone. 

“The “A” is not an exception to live up to, but a possibility and vision to live into.”  Neil Thornton

Everyone at the Seminar was told to write their idea of their perfect day, the day being their “A”.   In writing the letter everyone was to place themselves into the future, looking back, and reporting on all the insights they’ve attained, and skills and attitudes developed during the time period as those accomplishments were in the past.   

“This “day” (“A”) is all invented, so we might as well choose to invent something that creates new opportunities and impacts yourself and people around us.  It will be important as your write this, to come out from behind yourself and your perceived fears.  Write as if anything were possible for you” Neil Thornton

I found in doing the exercise it opens your mind to all the things you really want but are too afraid to get because you listen to all the limiting thoughts and negative people around you.  You realize that the day to day life you have now is not what you really want but are settling for due to those fears.  Once you obtain that perfect day on paper the next step is to get there and Mr. Thornton gives three new habits to help you reach that “A”.

1.       Read your letter at least once a week.

2.       Develop a clear plan with benchmarks to ensure you are on track.

3.       Have someone hold you accountable for living your “A”.

Michelangelo is quoted as having said that inside every block of stone dwells a beautiful statue; one need only remove the access material to reveal the work of art within. 

So push past your fears, and all the “Nay Sayers” and go for what you want and you will be successful!!!!!!

Thank you so much Neil for your inspiring seminar!

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