"My Husband, Dimitre, and I, would like very much to express our heartfelt thank you for all the assistance you have given us in both selling our home and the very hard work, dedication and knowledge you gave to us in our endeavor to obtain the one house we really did want.

I think this would be a good time for me to say that we are very confident in your abilities and thank that we choose you to assist us. You have such a wonderful personality that is vital in assisting very difficult people find what they are looking for. We feel that you were not only working towards our best interest but that we have make a wonderful new friend. We both were amazed at how you are able to anticipate the needs of your clients. One example, (and only one of many) is when you arranged for us to view the house on Rolling Acres one more time before singing back at a higher amount. This was a very good judgment call on your part, that was exactly what my husband especially had wanted and even though I had not said this, you knew it was important. You have respected all our wishes while still guiding us in a professional and friendly manner. Let’s face it, I can not express our appreciation enough.

At this time however, for us the extra $10,000 needed to purchase the Rolling Acres property was just not acceptable to our plan or our budget. I cannot put into words a complete explanation, except to say that we are unusual in the sense that if we decide on one thing or amount, or plan of action, we have usually done so with reasons that only we could truly understand. The property is so beautiful and well worth it we know, we just felt that with all the work involved in making it a home worthy of it’s location and stature, is more than we are willing to get into at this time. This is not to say that a home in the overall price range is out of the question, with the whole profit from the sale of our home towards another instead of needing $30,000 alone for renovations, it is still possible. We have been however, rethinking relocation at this time altogether but feel there is no doubt in our minds who we would call to assist us again if need be. I also have a great capacity for singing the praise of someone I respect as much as I do you, so anyone I can send to you for assistance will b done with no question of faith in you and your abilities.

As you know there is no one more property that we are interested in viewing. With any luck it will be the winner!! We hope that you will forgive us for all we have put you through. I know you keep insisting that it comes with the territory, but I know it comes from the best in you and all your abilities to fulfill not only a persons material needs, but the emotional needs as well. You truly do go beyond the “Call of duty”.

Again, thank you with all our hearts and we will see you soon. "


Colleen and Dimitre