Choosing the Best Exterior House Colour


On a subtle level, the colour on the exterior of your house can either strengthen, weaken or be a neutral affect on your house and the occupants. This is determined which way your house "sits". You will need to know, and its best to use a compass, in which direction the back wall of your house is.  Each compass direction is associated with a Feng Shui Element. Each element is associated with certain colours. You can choose a colour palette that matches or enhances your house type.


House Sitting Direction    Matching Colours                                       Enhancing Colors

North                             Blues, black, water colours                       White, grays

North East                      Yellows, browns, oranges, earthy-tones       Red tones

East                              Greens, wood colours                               Blues, black

South East                      Greens, wood colours                              Blues, black

South                              Reds, fire colours                                  Greens,

South West                      Yellows, browns, oranges, earthy-tones     Red tones

West                               White, gray, metal colours                      Yellows, taupes, browns, oranges

North West                      White, gray, metal colours                       Yellows, taupes,browns, oranges


Because a house is associated with a certain Feng shui Element, does it mean it has to be painted that colour? No, it means it could get away with using that colour and it would match or enhance the affects of the occupants.


Have fun!



Sharon Hay

Senior Feng Shui Practitioner