Choosing the Best Interior House Colour

Some interior colours will be recommended over others to suit the energies of the occupants of the home.  For example, blue is a calming colour to people who have a high energy level, but could be depressing for those people who have a low energy level.  Also, I don't recommend blue in a couple's bedroom if their relationship is already "cold".   Red is a stimulating colour to those who have a low energy level, but could cause a high energy person to become stressed out or feeling burnt out. 


Ceilings should not be darker than the walls and walls should not be darker than the floor. This could cause eye strain. It is however, OK for restaurants who want to hide ductwork in higher ceilings. 


I find the best colours in general for a whole home is a neutral colour. That way you can accent it with different colours based on Flying Star Feng Shui or the Bagua Map.


Have fun!


Sharon Hay

Senior Feng Shui Practitioner