Tricks to make your home look larger

Have you ever watched a home staging show on TV and wished your home could appear clean and decluttered, too? Here are some suggestions to help you get started: 1. Lightening up your furniture. Going neutral isn't just good for walls - its good for sofas, too. Beiges and ivories reflect light instead of absorbing it as darker colors do. The result: a sense of airiness and peace that makes people want to stay.

2. Enlarging a cramped bedroom. How? A small lamp and a large mirror can do it. Just hang the mirror on one wall and plug in the lamp directly across from it. The light will bounce off the mirror and reflect back, immediately making the room appear larger.

3. Expanding shelf space. Store half of all personal items and prized possessions in the basement or garage. Too many knick-knacks can make a room look crowded; plus they make it harder for a buyer to imagine what his or her items will look like in the space!