Feng Shui Tip

Feng Shui Flow in the Kitchen


First thing to look at in the kitchen is to see if kitchen entrance is facing the main door of the house. From a Chi perspective, the kitchen should not have a "through draught" of Chi. The cook needs to have a feeling of focus without distractions and therefore an ideal position for a stove is away from the door, while at the same time giving the cook a sense of security so that they can actually see the door from where they are positioned. For practical purposes, if this is not possible, it is possible to install a mirror on the back-splash behind the stove, angled in such a direction so that the cook can see the door.


Remember, Chi energy not only enters through windows and doors but also dissipates. Try to avoid placing a stove directly underneath a skylight and avoid placing it directly in front of a window - just to the side is perfect. Check the area in the vicinity of where the cook stands for potential cutting Chi. Sharp edges from the kitchen table or other units within this space are obvious sources.


As with all areas of your home, if you set the tone using the essential understanding of Chi in both the design and layout of space, you are simply supporting and stage managing a healthy, vibrant environment.


All the best Feng Shui,

Sharon Hay

Senior Feng Shui Practitioner