Feng Shui Tip

Do's and Don'ts for Bathrooms


- Keep the toilet lid down, when not in use

- Keep shower curtain closed 

- No pictures of people you know in the bathroom (The low chi of the bathroom can affect the people in the pictures)

- No spiritual books in the bathroom (it is not recommended to mix high vibrational information with waste) People magazine is OK.

- Best if toilet is hidden from view upon entering the main door of the home (If not, place visual to distract vision away from toilet, such as a plant or small table) It could affect health or career of the occupants

- Green, brown or beige can be most helpful by reducing the overabundance of the water element

- A bed should not be on the other side of the wall of the toilet plumbing

- The worst placement in the home for a toilet is the very center of the home. Can cause imbalance in the occupant's lives.

- Dripping taps encourage you to waste money, noisy plumbing and cisterns are disturbing on a subliminal level

- Don't have an abundance of mirror and glass in the bathroom as this adds to the overabundance of the water element which drains the energy out of your home

- Real Estate Agents: make sure you put all the toilet lids down before an open-house!


All the best Feng Shui,

Sharon Hay

Senior Feng Shui Practitioner