How clean is your air?

Picture the worst Air Quality you’ve seen (Smog etc.)… You could be living with that in your home and not even know it!


The quality of indoor air inside homes, offices, schools, and other places is important not only for your comfort but also for your health. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) has been tied to symptoms like headaches, fatigue, trouble concentrating, and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Also, some specific diseases have been linked to specific air contaminants or indoor environments, like asthma with damp indoor environments.

Many factors affect IAQ. These factors include poor ventilation, problems controlling temperature, high or low humidity, recent remodeling, and other activities in or near a home that can affect the fresh air coming in. Sometimes, specific contaminants like dust from construction or renovation, mold, cleaning supplies, pesticides, or other airborne chemicals cause poor IAQ.


If you feel like you have any of these concerns and would like to have an IAQ test performed on your house or office and to see if there is anything that you can possibly do to remedy the issues feel free to give CORNERSTONE HOME SERVICES INC. a call we are ready to be of assistance to you.



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