Selling your home?



·         Does not care about property, price, interest rate, legal and/or brokerage fees


·         Uses only cell phone number contact


·         Cannot produce title documents, survey, reporting letter, tax pr utility bills


·         Does not appear familiar with property


·         Won’t permit contact with prior lawyer


·         Clients “out of sync” with property – Eg. Don’t appear educated/affluent enough


·         Funds directed to third party with no apparent connection to transaction


·         Stranger who appears to control client attends to sign documents

·         Repeat activity on single property or for single client


·         Rental and vacant properties especially vulnerable


·         Client buys and sells often, prefers to deal in cash


·         Property listing expired without sale (Eg. Sale may be unregistered)


·         Frequent and quick mortgage  discharges on property


·         New referral source sending lots of business


·         “Rush” deals, often with promise of more


·         Client produces small deposit relative to price


·         No amendments to Agreement of Purchase and Sale


·         Municipality or utility companies have no knowledge of client’s ownership


·         Client paying little or nothing from own funds


·         Unusual adjustments in favour of vendor, or large vendor-take-back mortgage


·         Use of counter cheques / Use of Power of Attorney