The Baby Boomer Generation

The Baby Boomer Generation

(It’s all about lifestyle)


         Individuals looking at life in an adult-lifestyle community will still be predicating their purchasing decision primarily on lifestyle.

         Looking for larger, more opulent homes.

         Baby boomers are accustomed to larger homes and will want to guest suite for their visitors or extended families.

         Necessity have to be energy efficient, as the majority of the population.

         Entering the market today is the wealthiest and more self rewarding cohort in history, the homes they purchase will be jam-packed with bells and whistles. Home theatres and media rooms will prove to be popular in the baby boomers’ adult lifestyle, as they tent to enjoy all the latest toys technology has created.

         Passive amenities, such as a conservation area or waterfront location, will complement the boomers’ active lifestyle. Golf, water sports, racquet sports and other physical endeavours will play a major role in their new lifestyle, as this generation tends to be among the most physically active segment of the population, in some cases more so than their generation – X children.

         Today’s mature adults tend to look younger, be healthier, and will certainly live longer than their counterparts of twenty or thirty years ago. This means that the types of amenities more sought after will be those that promote health and wellness.

         Baby boomers have been instrumental in affecting change in society and in our culture. They will also promote significant changes in how and where they spend their leisure years.


Information by:

Klaus Rohrich is President of Taylor/Rohrich Associates Inc., a firm specializing in the conception and marketing of adult-lifestyle communities.