Seasonal Homework Calendar (Worth Keeping!)


         Check the gutters and the hardware that anchors them in particular.

         Inspect the attic for water seepage or condensation

         Verify the efficiency of basement floor drains

         Examine foundation walls. Check to see if cracks have widened.

         See if the flashing on the roof, the vents and chimney are in good condition, and make sure drains on a flat roof are clear.

         Observe the natural slope of the ground around the house

         Examine the general condition of wooden decks and balconies.

         Confirm good natural ventilation in the crawl space (If you have one)



         Inspect and repair roofing shingles or membrane (For a flat roof) as needed.

         Inspect and repair the exterior clapboard or stucco walls if necessary.

         Check the brick facing and redo weak mortar joints.

         Examine the condition of doors and windows.

         Carry out any necessary interior paint jobs.

         Repaint exterior wooden surfaces as needed, ideally at the end of the season.



         Clean electric baseboard heaters and test them to make sure they’re in working order.

         Check the condition of the central heating system, fireplace (Including the chimney) and hot water tank.

         Examine and reapply weather stripping around doors and windows if necessary

         Inspect the attic and more sure the vents are clear.

         Clean the gutters and flat roof drains (After the leaves have fallen.)

         Shut the vents to the crawl space (If it’s heated in winter)



         If you carefully inspect and maintain your house during the warmer months, you’ll be able to reserve the winter months for small do-it-yourself projects and your favorite leisure activities.


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