Niagara Declared Green Energy Capital of Canada!


“It’s time for Niagara to claim its rightful place as not only one of the largest producers of clean, renewable energy in Canada, but also a place in which green energy production was pioneered,” explains Phil Ritchie, President of Keefer Mansion. “Today is about putting a stake in the ground for Niagara in the green economy.” “More than 80% of Ontario’s hydro electricity is generated in Niagara courtesy of Niagara Falls, and a number of smaller hydro power stations that dot the Niagara Landscape.” “When you look at Niagara’s clean energy output and the usage rate of hydro power by Niagara Business and residents as a result of proximity to source, Niagara is clearly Canada’s Green Energy Capital.”  

By: Grimsby – The Gateway to Niagara Newspaper.