4 great ways to navigate Niagara’s Greenbelt.

1.      Leave your ca behind! From beautiful country lanes to picturesque off-road bicycle paths, Niagara abounds with cycling opportunities. Hop on the Bike train from Toronto, then cycle through breathtaking Greenbelt landscapes. Explore wonderful wineries, roadside markets, fields and forests, heritage towns, charming cafes, unique shops and innovative galleries. Enjoy the exceptional scenery of the Niagara Parkway!

2.      Take a walk through a UNECO world biosphere reserve. Hike through history, visiting sites and structures that shaped our nation. Discover natural tranquility, spectacular vistas, hidden waterfalls, peaceful orchards and the enchantment of our world famous wine region on well-marked walkways or on secret, secluded forest strolls. It’s a hiker’s haven and a birder’s paradise – but charming eateries, farm stands, inns, B&Bs, and shops are never far away.

3.      Remember when driving use to be fun? Rediscover the joy of auto touring in the Niagara Greenbelt. There’s lots of open road here, and it passes through some of the prettiest countryside anywhere. Discover forested byways, wide-open highways, riverside parkways and stately main streets which deliver you to some of Canada’s most unique destinations, year-round. Orchards in bloom – summer’s fruitful bounty – leaves in autumn splendor – ice wine grapes frozen on the vine. Pick up ingredients for a tailgate picnic at our many farm stands. And once you’re here, give the car (and yourself, and the environment) a break… walk or cycle our many streets, pats and trails and see Niagara up close!

4.      Whether you are walking, cycling driving or taking public transit, the new website is your first stop for things to see and do in Niagara’s Greenbelt.

For more information please visit – www.niagaragreenbelt.com