We are often our worst critic

We are often our worst critic- seeing all of the negatives in our life situation or our physical appearance or our work environment. We may focus on the bad stuff and perhaps engage in negative self talk not realizing the impact on our self-esteem. A good self-esteem impacts our ability to feel happy, it affects our relationships, our ability to ask for help, it allows us to set goals and create accomplishments and is important to our overall well-being. According to WebMD.com, there is evidence you can change your self-esteem by engaging in the following activities:

         Stop thinking bad thoughts about yourself

         Beware of perfectionism

         Overlook mistakes

         Stop putting yourself down

         Try new things

         Do something for others

         Know what you can change and accept the things you cannot change

         Exercise daily

         Remember that no one can make you feel bad only you can make yourself feel bad


Increasing your self-esteem can lead to more constructive thoughts, more upbeat feelings and an unwavering belief in yourself. When you have these, you will create positive actions and outcomes. You will feel better. You will accomplish more. You will love your life. So, go ahead – improve your self-esteem!

By Kimberly Mattinson