Top 10 Tips for your kitchen when planning your dream kitchen

 1.     Who is using the kitchen? Are you a Chef or an entertainer r both? Consider both functionality and presentation.

2.     How many people will be using the kitchen? In some households, man and wife and even the kids like to get into the cooking act. So if there is more than one chef at any on time, room and location of work stations are key.

3.     What kind of appliances will be in your kitchen? Products designed specifically geared to making their lives easier are gaining popularity among today’s homeowners.

4.     Extras that make life convenient. There are so many additional features that can really set your kitchen apart. Consider the possibilities of incorporating a warming drawer, or pot filler (Which is a faucet on the stove wall).

5.     A kitchen built for a chef. Convenience should not limit us to having our small appliances on counters, adding clutting and using valuable work space. Consider additional counter space dedicated to certain tasks and extra drawers to hide small appliances.

6.     Light up your cooking world. Lighting is key in the kitchen, for ambience and for tasks. Pot lights are popular for overall lighting but consider under cabinet lighting and pendant lighting over island work stations to make sure you can see what you’re doing.

7.     Decide what can be erasable. Years from now, as your taste evolves, you want to flexibility to change the look of your kitchen without ripping anything out. For instance, wall colour and fabrics are some erasable items – areas that can dramatically change the look inexpensively.

8.     Not all countertop products offer the same in terms of maintenance requirements, durability and price point. Your kitchen designer should be asking may questions about your expectations, the look you wish to achieved the maintenance level you are prepared for. For example, Granite is extremely popular. Its natural beauty has an ambience like no other. However, it requires upkeep to maintain its beauty. Quartz is growing in popularity for its stain resistance and consistent patterns. Solid surface acrylic countertops offer integrated sings and excellent warranties. Laminates remain a consistent and affordable choice that are now more durable and come in terrific patterns and textures.

9.     Keep an open mind. You know what you don’t like. Have fun. Allow your kitchen designer to explore all the possibilities. Take it one step at a time and user a professional kitchen designer to guide you.

    10. Stay true to your tastes. There has never been as much variety as there is today, but be careful of fads and trends that don’t fit your comfort zone. Your choices have to stand the test of time