Niagara Falls Trillium Criteria

1. Principles of design (Score out of 20)

         Order (overall look of design, symmetrical, asymmetrical, mass collection) & Unity (Size of plants, shapes, colour, texture, harmony with surroundings) & Balance

         Rhythm (Dominance or point of emphasis, repetition, pattern, interconnection)


2. Turf (Score out of 15)

         Straightness of cutting lines

         Weed & Disease conditions

         Quality of the edging of the turf area


         Irrigation evenness


3. Plants (Score out of 20)

         Quality of maintenance (Pruning, deadheading)

         Diversity (Use of woody plants, unique plants & Trees)


4. Hardscaping Features (Score out of 10)

         Quality of paving surfaces, walking, driveways, curbing, retaining wall & Steps

         Quality of steps and as service areas hidden


5. Unique Features (Score out of 20)

         Hanging baskets, baskets, pots & ponds

         Tastefulness of auxiliary decorations & uniqueness of harmony of auxiliary decoration


6. Environmental Issues (Score out of 15)

         Water conservation (use of mulches)

         Attracting wildlife



Maximum points available = 100 (Note: no turf, then score is marked out of 85 points)

Incase of tie Judges Comments & Score of property out of 10 points