Dealing with Contractors

 So you have planned your renovation project, set aside a budget and you are now ready to hire a contractor. Here are some helpful tips:

         Educate yourself by reading books on the type of renovation that you are planning so you can ‘talk the talk’ with a contactor

         Clip out pictures of designs and details that you like

         Get a detailed quote from at least 3 contactors and follow up with a minimum of 3 references

         Ask to see proof of insurance and licensing paperwork. The pros keep them handy!

         Make sure you get everything in writing: contracts, cost breakdown and percentages that they expect to hill, overall project schedule.

         Get a permit. It is one of the only ways to protect yourself

         Don’t give more than 10% down, use a 10 – 15% hold-back with the final payment to cover final deficiencies and clean-up after the contractor thinks he is done.

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