Ease up on the control! When your kids are babies you have to do it all; feed them, dress them, you name it, we control it all. When your wee one gets a bit bigger, however, we need to learn to relinquish some of this control. And this scan be SO hard! It gets back to the old adage: ‘choose your battles.’ So what if the little Julie comes down with socks that doesn’t match and a shirt that clashes horribly with the pants? Will it really matter 5 years from now? What matters is she’s exploring her own independence, asserting herself and beginning to be her own little person. Remember, growing independence is an exciting and rewarding development (if not a bit embarrassing sometimes). Don’t think your strict wardrobe control reflects your ability or skill as a parent to the outside world. Ask yourself: ‘is this controlling behavior fulfilling a need in me?’ If so, try to uncover why you’re over-investing in them. Maybe you’re avoiding focus in other areas of your life (your career, your partner, your friendship). So, before you jump up to cut your 10 year-old steak, stop and re-think that impulse.

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