Travel Tips:



Here are some tips if you’re traveling with kiddies in the car for extended periods of time:

         Schedule breaks every 45 minutes to stretch, visit the restroom and just get our of the car for 10 – 15 minutes

         Avoid giving the kids sugary drinks and snakes.. the last think you need is sugar-hyper kids in the backseat

         Bring music CDs, story CDs for smaller kids. For older kids, try a book on CD

         Play a game of I Spy – even the little ones can play this one!

         Bring ‘goodie bags’ of healthy snakes, like cereal and dried fruit; crackers and cream cheese. Keep portions smaller.

         One fun trick: wrap up a favorite small toy in layers of paper or tissue. When you’re desperate, hand it over and let Junior have fun unwrapping it layer by layer.

         Separate siblings with pillow walls… have them build it if they’re in the right frame of mind.