Freaking out?!

Stop; take a deep breath and ask yourself: “Will this matter a week for now; a month from now; a year from now?” If not, give yourself a break. Re-focus your energy on what will matter!


Avoid Negative People

We all have them; those folks in our lives who always bring in the grey clouds. Not surprisingly, associating with those nay-Sayers has proven to lower motivation, mood and productivity. Brighten your day, and make time for the positive influences in your life.

Avoid Watching the News before bed!

Treat your bedroom as a sanctuary; avoid working and watching the news at bedtime. Make a little bedtime routine of relaxation and wind-down. You may find you sleep tighter!

Stress is an opportunity for Growth

Remind yourself to alter the way you look at stressful situations at work. If you are stressed out, turn it around and look at what you’re learning, and how you’re growing as a result of this experience. Break it down into smaller chunks [short-term project goals] and work towards those more manageable milestones. Remember: if you recognize you’re in over your head, be wise and ask for help!

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