Race Track

Date: March 24 2010

Regarding Sodom Race Track Proposal

To: whom it may concern:                 

As you know, the region is considering a proposal to allow for the establishment a 93 hectare motorsport complex, consisting primarily of a road race track and drag strip at the corner of Sodom Road and QEW. This land has been identified as good agricultural land and as a “study area”, by the region and Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority.

 I believe that we all should be concerned about the levels of noise, pollution and increased traffic etc.  In my opinion, the addition of a car race track will:

1) Be a detriment to the quiet lifestyle in this area that many enjoy

2) Negatively impact the ecosystems, air quality and general environment

3) Negatively impact the real estate values in our area. Most have paid a premium for the peaceful views and quiet country lifestyle.

4) Cost the tax pays money – with need of road improvements and repairs to handle the potential traffic level

5) The city will lose income – thru a decline in property values which in turn reduces the assessed values on which the tax rate is based

In my professional opinion, the addition of a race track , or lap track or “tourist attraction” as the motorsports groups is calling it, will have a negative impact on the real estate values in the area.  Most residents in that area have a paid a



premium for peaceful views and the quiet country lifestyle and treasure the bounty that nature has to offer. In my past experience, properties close to highway, or race track will sell for approximately 10% less. Not only does this affect the immediate property value in the neighbourhood, it will also affect the community thru a potential loss of tax revenue. When a home owner is able to appeal their assessment in 2013, MPAC most likely will consider a reduction of up to 15%, depending on noise and traffic factor,  which in turn will lower the property taxes.

Currently there are 448 homes, 8 farms and 27 businesses in the L2E 6S6 postal code. The average country home, based on MLS sales since 2000  is $456,200.00 If each owner was to apply for a 10% decreased in assessed value – that  would a real estate value loss of $20,802,720.00. With a tax rate of approximately 1.56% that revenue loss would be $324,522.43 per year.

For the good of everyone in our region, our province and our country, a real value must be placed on preserving agricultural and environmentally-significant lands. For too long land has only been valued as a means of development and recently that notion has been changing. The government bodies, on many levels have invested millions of tax payers’ dollars on analyzing the importance of agricultural land, wetlands and natural habitats and have spent even more money learning out to clean up our country and implementing stricter policies in order to –well – help save the world.

Our community boasts a wide range of flora and fauna specific to this are, and a wide variety of unique and endangered wildlife. Imagine how this may change. Please help protect our lands. Say no – to this proposal and any proposal that might have a devastating impact on our environment.

Respectfully submitted  

Barbara Grumme, sales representative


Please Let Barbara Grumme know if you are for or against the race track