budget-savvy renovations

Full-blown renovations can be intimidating. Before gutting your kitchen consider these budget-savvy approaches to keeping it stylish. Here are some ways to refresh with efficient investments, no-sweat weekend projects and chic strategies. Written an produced by Brett Walther

Open Concept – by removing doors from upper cabinets instead of replacing them, you’ll save a bundle on materials while getting a look that’s airy and inviting. Baskets can help organize and unify mismatched pieces.

Express yourself – whether it’s milk glass, cream ware or teacups that ignite your passion, the display options presented by open shelving are a great opportunity to personalize your décor with your prized collectibles.

Gallery approach – Dishwashing is a little more bearable when you can feast your eyes on a faraway landscape. The wall about the sink is a ready-made blank canvas for your favorite framed pieces of art.

Low-luster lowdown – Freshen up aged cupboards and trim with scrubbable matte paint – it’s more forgiving of imperfect surfaces than the conventional kitchen high gloss, and just as easy to keep clean

Keep it light – Creamy colours make the most of your kitchen’s natural light. Even better, pale naturals are relaxing ad timeless and will be as fresh down the road as they are today.

Spot light – Easy-to-install under cabinet task lighting will illuminate your countertop food prep without digging and rewiring necessitated by the addition f more permanent pot lights

Suspended storage – keep frequently used utensils and dishes off the countertop and with easy reach with S-hooks hung from open shelving. Not only is the free-form arrangement customizable, but the floating display also conceals y backsplash sins, like ugly power outlets and outdated tile.

 On Tap – the entire sink gets a facelift with a sparkling new faucet. Avid here-today-gone-tomorrow trends in plumbing hardware by choosing styles that are simple, clean-lined and will stand the test of time.

For more information was by: Brett Walther in Style At Home – issue September 2006

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