Insurance checklist

Insurance checklist

Be prepared. These are some of the basic questions you may be asked in your application for insurance:

Is the home located in a known “problem” area such as a flood plain, or in an area prone to mudslides?

Yes____ No____

How old is the home?

____ years or built in _____

Type: ________________

What type of roof does it have? (Shingle, steel, shakes, etc)

Roof type __________

How old is the roof?

_______ Years old or installed in _____


Is the home connected to municipal service or on a septic and well system?

Municipal services _____ Septic and well_______

What type of heating system does the home have (Oil, electric, solar, etc?)

Heating type ________

Is there any form of wood burning appliance in the home

Yes____ No ____

Is it certified? Yes____ No____

What type of electrical entry is there?

110V_____ 220V_____

Does the home have smoke detectors?

Yes ____ NO____

How far is the home from the nearest fire hydrant or fire station?

___km from nearest hydrant _____ from nearest fire station

How you ever had an insurance policy declined or cancelled?

Yes____ No_____

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The Canadian Real Estate Association