Credit tips part 1

Make a cash budget and stick to it! A personal budget is a tool that can help you achieve your financial goals. A workable budget can keep you out of debt and help you avoid a last-minute rush to put together money when needed.

Know your current financial picture at any give time

Keep good records in a simple filling system

Be aware of you spending habits

Know your financial priorities and goals

Be patient

Round up to whole numbers

Expect the unexpected

Start with a weekly plan

Don’t jump to conclusions based on one month

Create a “Miscellaneous” category

List “Savings” or Contingency funds” as an expense

Discuss budget items with other members of the family

Be realistic

A well structured budget has the following characteristics: It’s easy to stick to, fits into your lifestyle, covers all your expenses and sources of income, has room for expansions, suits your needs, enables you to reach your financial goals

Information by; Barbara Grumme and Betty Talbot