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Serving North American Families since 1972 One of most important investments we make is the purchase of a home. We pay for insurances to protect our new home and its contents. However one of the most important decisions overlooked once we move into our new home is the updating of your Will. A will is like a “Love Letter” for those who you care about the most and who would be able to carry out your wishes for you.

If you don’t have a will you leave it in the hands of the government to make decisions on your behalf. Family & friends who you felt could benefit from a share of your estate, now have to retain legal council at additional expense creating an environment that benefits apposing lawyers then your estate. It can get messy and complicated, which adds trauma and stress.

If you have children you can’t assume that your family will raise them. Your children may be separated and raised in foster care. Why let your children and family go through that when you could leave them you’re “Love Letter”

Congratulations! If you have decided to have your “Love Letter” written, now add something for yourself, a “Power of Attorney” I look forward to sharing more information with you about Powers of Attorney in Barbara’s next newsletter.

Regards Gary Burnett


Gary Burnett is a regional manager with PPL Legal Care of Canada, a subsidiary of Pre-Paid Legal Services. He is considered an expert regarding Issues pertaining to Identity theft and has spoken on the radio for many organizations such as the Canadian Institute of Management, Rotary, and the St. Catharine’s & Thorold Chamber of Commerce where he has held the position of Ambassador for many years.


You can contact Gary Burnett at 905-227-4271 or ppl@cogeco.ca or visit his website at www.garyburnett.com