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LIMITING ICE DAMSMany areas have experienced unusual cold weather and heavier than normal snows this winter. This mix has led to ice damming problems - a potential cause of roof leakage and structural damage. While ice dams can't always be prevented, there are ways to reduce their impact.

WOOD STOVES SAFETY Wood stoves can have become popular as a means of reducing reliance on other fuels, but they are a major cause of home fires when not installed and used properly.

A DOZEN WAYS TO SAVE ON YOUR HEATING BILL Here are twelve practical ways to put a serious dent in your monthly heating bill.

PROBLEM (TAINTED) DRYWALL If you have experienced premature blackening of metal components in your home, vapors emitted from the drywall may be the culprit. But certain steps should be followed to confirm whether you have a real concern.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Get some tips on grout maintenance, the value of insulating under vinyl siding, how to take care of stainless steel fixtures, and ways to keep water out of a basement when you have an older stone foundation.

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