Dear Homeowner or Prospective Homeowner,

Established in 1991, Niagara Analytical Laboratories set forth a commitment to our community to offer high quality, timely environmental testing services at better-than competitive pricing.


We are surrounded by one of the most essential elements in life; WATER.  And while we in the Niagara Peninsula, in conjunction with our neighbours to the south, are all striving for zero-discharge to our waterways in order to provide pure, clean drinking water to our families and future generations, there has always been an underlying element of public concern.


Whether your new or existing residence is on public/municipal or a private water supply (well, cistern, shore well), affordable testing and treatment are but a phone call away.


The serenity of being in a rural surrounding deems it nearly necessary for some type of water treatment.  Be it “water softening” to remove abrasive mineral content, fine filtration to remove nuisance suspended material, or Ultra-Violet or Chlorination to disinfect for bacterial content, our Chemists, Microbiologists and Water Treatment Division are here to assist.


The convenience of being on public water services had historically given homeowners piece-of-mind that safe drinking water was at each of our kitchen faucets.  And while our governments work so very hard to achieve this basic need, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever be able to erase the perils of Walkerton from our minds.  Point-of-consumption, streamlined UV and impeccable Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems are added amenities that are available.


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And please don’t hesitate to contact us at: 905-374-LABS (5227)


The Staff of Niagara Analytical Laboratories Inc.