Mr Internet Tip O' The Week — Free Virtual Hard Drive

A few weeks ago I shared a free online file storage and sharing service called DropBox. This week, we have another entrant into this growing field with ZumoDrive. ZumoDrive is a free virtual hard drive that you can install on any PC and it works just like any other drive on your computer. Anything you can store on your regular hard drive you can also store on your ZumoDrive. Since it is online, you can also give other's permission to use it as well —perfect for document sharing among your virtual support team. ZumoDrive is free for the first 1 GB of storage. If you want more it will cost you some nominal amount each month. For example, upgrading to 10 GBs of storage is just $2.99 /mo. This service is a great example of something called "cloud storage" which means your virtual hard drive is located among many different servers around the world, creating massive redundancy yet delivering great performance (for uploading and downloading). Let us know what you think of it!

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