Operating Funds- How much do you really need .......

Are you really prepared to buy a house?  You've prepared for the initial deposit with the offer; and the down payment you'll need. Your lender/mortgage broker has reviewed the other costs you will need to cover i.e.-  lawyer, land transfer tax, registration & search costs, home inspection, appraisal, insurance, well & septic inspections, etc, etc- but what about the other little things that seem to add up. Moving expenses, connection fees for utilities, window treatments, yard equipment (garbage & re-cycle receptacles), rake, hose, shovel; basic hand tools, etc.  To make sure that you are truly prepared visit the Canada Mortgage and Housing web site @ www.cmhc.ca  ; click on the consumer section and search for the publication "Homebuying Step By Step"  Once you have completed the financial worksheets and the budget information you will feel much more confident about purchasing your new home. 


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