Two things to know

Abestos is a set of six naturally occurring silicate minerals exploited commercially for their desirable physical properties. They all have in common their asbestiform habit, long, (1:20) thin fibrous crystals. To inhale the  asbestos fibres can cause serious illnesses, including malignant lung cancer, mesothelioma (a type of malignant neoplasm dependent mostly from exposure to asbestos), and asbestosis (a type of pneumoconiosis). Since January 1, 2005 the European Union has banned all types of utilization of asbestos and extraction, manufacture and processing of asbestos products.


Asbestos: For a very reasonable amount of money (approx $ 55.00) you can submit a tablespoon size of your insulation and have it analyzed for Asbestos.  


Urea-formaldehyde foam insulation (UFFI) this was commonly used when producing electrical appliances casing e.g. desk lamps, used in the 1950s. In the 1980s, concerns began to develop about the toxic formaldehyde vapor emitted in the curing process, as well as from the breakdown of old foam.


UFFI: For litigative purposes, a confirmative UFFI analysis can be conducted for approximately $ 150.00.  A UFFI screening analysis (for Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen) can be conducted for approximately $ 55.00. 


But one cannot put a price on piece-of-mind and family health & safety.  Should either of the above lab analysis come back positive, there are many reputable Niagara insulation abatement firms who are available to the homeowner for safe, professional insulation removal, disposal and replacement. 


For more information Please contact:

 Niagara Analytical Laboratories for assistance at 905-374-LABS(5227).