Immigrant Service in Niagara

  •     Settlement Services: Staff speak French, English and other languages

    ·     Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada - English as a Second Language/Career and Professional Integration Class

    ·     Cultural Language Classes

    ·     Employment Programs Career Enhancement Classes, Job Search Workshop

    ·     Canadian Access for International Professionals & Skilled Trades (CAIPS)

    ·     Credential Assessment Assistance

    ·     Language Assessment Assistance

    ·     Language Assessment Services

    ·     Employer Education & Support Cultural Education Programs

    ·     Mentorship Programs

    ·     Child Minding Programs

    ·     Emergency shelter

    ·     Kids quest – literacy and social skills development for youth

    ·     HOST programs: Social and educational activities for youth and adults

    ·     Mental health – volunteer programs

    ·     Women’s new enterprise program and support program

    ·     Community access program

    ·     Immigrant seniors program

    ·     Homework club – conversation circles

    ·     Welcome and reception centre (Peace Bridge, Fort Erie)


  • For more information visit

    Niagara Multicultural Services 1-888-764-9041