Why is Ontario introducing smart meters???

Between now and 2025, Ontario must build almost a whole new electricity system. This incudes replacing about 80% of our current generating facilities as they retire over time, and expanding the system to meet our future growth. Building new supply is vital. So is conservation. Conservation will help us to make te best use of our existing electricity resources and slow the growth in our demand.

When we’re all using a lot of electricity at the same time we create a “peak demand” period. And supplying electricity at those peak times has range of impacts:

1.       It adds to our electricity costs because higher demand often means higher market prices

2.       it’s hard on the environment because more of the less attractive forms of generation must be run to meet them

3.       It adds to the amount Ontario needs to invest in the system because meeting the peaks requires even more new generation, and more transmission and distribution infrastructure.


How is a smart meter different?

A smart meter is a huge advance over Ontario’s current devices. The old-style can only measure the total amount of electricity used over an entire billing period. The smart meter automatically records when electricity is used, hour by hour and it will send that information to us automatically through wireless technology. With the ability to measure when electricity is used, different prices can apply at different times of the day. Time-of-use pricing offers you a new way to manage your electricity use and your bills.


For more information please visit: www.ontario.ca/smartmeters or www.npei.ca 

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