Top 5 Sales Urban Myths

Myth one - Clients buy technology or business services. Reality: Clients never buy technology or business services. Clients buy pain management

Myth two -Because you were successful in the past, you should successful this year.

Reality: Salespeople often defer to a comfort zone of auto selling - doing the same things year after year. This repetition implies that all prospects and customers are the same - that they are not individuals and that they don't change.

Myth three: Marketing department responsibility should be focused on brochures, website communication and tradeshow management

Reality: PR is not revenue; marketing is not revenue; and advertising is not revenue. Revenue is revenue. This department should be creating qualified sales leads for the sales team.

Myth four: It is the sales management's responsibility to close sales deals for you

Reality: Sales management's responsibility is to help you sell as a salesperson. That means increasing qualified lead traffic, supervise operational issues that affect your deals, updating your sales training skills, and acting as an intermediary with corporate management.

Myth five: The more strategic partners you have, the more sales leads you will generate.

Reality: Strategic partnerships and alliance management is a full-time job. It is definitely quality over quantity that counts.

Myth six: Question-base sales probing will increase sales

Reality: the fact is asking detailed questions of prospects too early in the engagement process actually ends most sales cycles. You Cannot cold call or engage a vice president of a large company the first time, starting pinging them with probing business questions and expect them to answer. To achieve sales success to senior management you must first earn their respect as a business peer, not a vendor. You must validate your knowledge about industry pains, so you can earn the right to ask investigative questions about their business needs when it is appropriate. The key to sales success is not using probing questions too early. Instead, act like a strategic advisor and communicate your business value up front - Earn the right to ask probing questions 

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Paul DiModica is a strategic advisor fo Revenue First Group Inc. 905-971-6635