Speed Clean your house!

Guests or potential buyers are on their way over and the house isn't ready! Try these quick suggestions to make your house more presentable in a hurry. If you have 60 Seconds:

  • Spritz Air Freshener - Citrus/lemon singals "clean"
  • Close your doors - makes the house look cleaner
  • Turn off the tube - Studies show that it makes the house seem less messy

If your have 5 Minutes:

  • Hide the clutter 
  • Tidy the Bathroom(s)
  • Pile up pillows

If you have 15 Minutes:

  • Put on a pot of coffee to offer
  • Bounce away dust - fabric softener sheets over tables, bookcases and the t.v. the anti-static properties will attract dust and lift it aay in no time.
  • Round up dust bunnies 



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