Is your Bathrooms a Selling Point?

Prospective buyers scrutinize bathrooms and kitchens more than any other room in a house. Good news is that bathrooms improvements do not need to be costly and the return on investment is very high. Moldy Grout, outdated wallpaper, or a dented sink is a lose-lose situation. The following tips will help! A Quick Facelift:

  • A new coat of paint can have a dramatice impact.
  • Clean or replace the grout
  • Hanging a mirror or a small self
  • Accessorize - New shower curtain - matching towels - window treatments can revitalize the room.

Minor Renovations

  • Minor renovations are much less expensive than people might think
  • A new sink
  • new counter
  • new vanity
  • ceramic tiles
  • consider replacing the hardware ( Stainless steel or chrome faucets and door handles give a polished look)



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