Getting Back to School Ready

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As much as we don’t want it to be true, summer is coming to an end, which means back to school time is just around the corner. Make your life a little easier by getting prepped for the mayhem of back to school now. Follow these tips to help ease back into the work routine and help your kids get excited about going back to school (OK- excited might be a stretch, but mitigate the tantrums at least).

For You

Meal Prep

The biggest service you can do for yourself is to meal prep! After summer vacations and working shorter hours it can be hard to get back into a strict schedule. Pick 3 recipes and make a big batch to freeze for the upcoming weeks. That way, you’ll have a few different options ready to go. You can also make calendars for what you want to eat to make meal planning easier.

C21 Tip: Get inspiration from you local meal prep service. Their descriptions often list many ingredients needed.

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Weekly Planner

Everything is easier when it is written down and scheduled in. Have a weekly planner up on your fridge so you can plan out your work/ leisure activities for the upcoming week. Don’t forget to schedule yourself some fun!

Ease into Routine

If you’ve been working a lighter schedule over the summer it can be hard going straight back into a 9-5. Start by getting up earlier a couple days a week to get your body back into a regular schedule.

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For Your Kids

First Day Gift

Start the day off on a positive note and present your child with a little back-to-school gift. By starting this tradition at an early age it will help to instill a positive attitude about going back to school. It doesn’t have to be a fancy present-- a new backpack or a book--- but it will get them excited about school!

Lunch Box Note

The first day back can be very long and kids can get homesick during the day. A little note in their lunchbox will remind them that home isn’t too far away.

First Day/ Nervous kids

For kindergarteners starting school for the first time or nervous kids, it can help to go up to the school a couple times before the first day. If they take a bus to school, show them where the bus will pick them up or walk them to school if it’s walking distance. Walk them around the school so they can get familiar and minimize surprises on the first day.