Outdoor Decor Musts

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After a ruthless winter and rainy spring, summer is finally here and we are deserving of a beautiful, sunny summer this year! There is truly no better way to celebrate the start of summer than hosting a BBQ or party in your backyard. No matter what size backyard or patio you have here are some outdoor decor musts that will make any garden party a success!

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1. Outdoor Herbs

Whether you have acres of land or just a couple square feet, outdoor herbs are a beautiful addition to your outdoor entertaining set up. They look pretty, smell great, plus you can harvest and cook with them. Farm to table doesn’t get any closer than that. Herbs need a lot of sunlight to grow, so make sure you plant them in the sunniest spots in your garden/ on your balcony. Some of the easiest herbs to grow are basil, mint, chives and coriander.

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2. Lighting

Proper outdoor lighting is essential to outdoor entertaining. Once the sun sets you don’t want to be stumbling around in the dark. Here are some C21 recommendations for great outdoor lighting options.

String lights: These LED string lights create a beautiful, rustic aesthetic to your backyard. They are environmentally friendly and can withstand bad weather.

Lanterns: Not only do these look stunning but they allow you to burn candles safely. They are a cheaper option than the string lights.

Plastic Lanterns: If you have small kids or dogs, plastic lanterns might be a great alternative to the glass lanterns. The plastic is very durable and will hold up against the elements for many years.

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3. Umbrellas/Canopies

For those sunny Saturday afternoon barbeques, you will want some protection from the sun. If your backyard or patio allows it, look at getting a canopy or a large umbrella. There are options for every space:

Half Round Umbrella: This umbrella is great if you are short on space as it is flatter than most umbrellas. It lies flush with the walls so you will hardly notice it.

Canopy: If you have a little more space, a canopy would be a great addition to your outdoor entertaining set up.

Trees: Get shade the natural way by planting some trees! Plan for the future and although it will take a little longer than buying an umbrella, in a few years you will have a cool, shady backyard.