5 Tips to Make Your Garden Blooming Fantastic This Summer

5 Tips Garden Blooming
02 5 Tips Garden Blooming

April showers only bring May flowers if you also do some work! Having a blooming beautiful garden this summer will take hard work and patience. The good news is it will payoff when you have a lush garden in the end. Follow these five tips to have the prettiest garden on the block.

03 5 Tips Garden Blooming

1. Weed by hand

Try to weed only by hand as it is less harmful than using pesticides and will keep your soil healthier. Keep weeds under control and prevent them from seeding by weeding weekly. A C21 pro-tip is to use mulch to smother and prevent annual weeds. To avoid weeds altogether try replacing grass with clover, weeds have a harder time growing in clover. Plus it looks pretty!

2. Right time, right place

Different plants thrive in different environments, so make sure you design your garden strategically depending on what you want to grow. Before you start planting check the seed’s information to see when they need to be planted and how much sun and water they need.

3. Compost

Feed your soil what it wants- compost! Adding organic elements to soil will be more beneficial than chemical fertilizers. Healthy soil should be crumbly, easy to dig and rich in colour. If your soil is lacking in these components then consider adding on more compost to boost it’s nutrient intake.

04 5 Tips Garden Blooming

4. Trim and prune

Just like your hair, plants need a little trim to keep their branches healthy and strong. For smaller plants, deadheading wilted or dead flowers will promote new growth. Trees and shrubs require pruning shears and a measuring tape to see how much needs to be chopped. Look online to find out how much your plant needs to be pruned before you go in with the shears.

5. Keep it fruity

Add a sweet touch to your garden by planting fruit trees in your backyard. Not only do they look beautiful but they also provide shade and attract bees to your garden. Plus, there is nothing better than chowing down on fruit grown in your own backyard!