3 Inventive Ways to Repurpose Your Furniture

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It’s true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but why not turn your trash into your own treasure? We don’t mean your actual trash, just your old, neglected furniture that is laying around gathering dust. Here are three inventive ways you can repurpose your furniture:

1. Side table to Ottoman Transformation:

As nice as it is to dream about that new kitchen backsplash, safety should take top priority when planning renos. Go through this list to see what your top priorities should be:


  • Side table

  • Foam

  • Utility knife

  • Saw

  • Fabric

  • Staple gun



  1. Measure and cut the foam Measure your table and find a piece of foam with the right dimensions to cover the top of the table. Cut the foam with a utility knife to be the correct dimensions.

  2. Cut the table to ottoman height What is ottoman height you ask? Take a seat on the sofa, stretch out your legs and get someone to measure the height that your legs are off the ground and that is approximately the height you want for your ottoman. Take a saw and cut your table legs to be the desired height. Just make sure they’re even!

  3. Attach fabric Cut your fabric a bit bigger than the dimensions that you cut for the foam. Cover the foam with the fabric, staple the fabric to the table and trim the leftovers. Stretch out on the sofa and rest your legs on your new ottoman!

2. Distress Furniture

Although it sounds counter intuitive, you can make something look modern by aging it. For furniture that no longer fits the style of your house, there are countless ways you can repurpose it to get the style you desire. Here’s a simple way of how to do it and what you’ll need:

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  • Sandpaper

  • Paint

  • Paint brushes

  • Paint thinner

  • Steel wool

  • Stain (optional)

  • Drop cloths/ newspaper


  1. Clear a workspace It is best to do this outside if possible. If the space or weather doesn’t permit it, clear a workspace in your house. Lay down drop cloths and remove anything that could potentially get damaged by the project.

  2. Paint the Piece and Distress with Sandpaper and Steel Wool You can add a second layer of paint if you want the piece to have a two tone look (the first layer will come through after you distress the furniture).Paint the piece and leave it to dry overnight. Now comes the fun part, distressing the furniture! Take your steel wool and sandpaper and scrub away! Scrub as much as you want depending on how distressed you want it to look.

  3. Finishing touches Add a stain if you want the piece to look vintage. When you are happy with how it looks, apply a clear polyurethane to seal the piece and protect the color. Let it dry and then the compliments will roll in!

3. Chalkboard mirror

Chalkboards are always useful. Make your own with an old mirror and some chalkboard paint. Here’s how to do it:


  • Mirror

  • Glass cleaner

  • Painter's tape

  • Spray primer

  • Chalkboard spray paint

  • Newspaper

  • Microfiber cloth

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  1. Clean and prime the mirror Use a microfiber cloth to clean the surface and dry completely. Cover any parts of the frame that are still exposed with newspaper or paper towels and secure. Take the mirror outside, place it on newspaper and cover any areas of the mirror that you don’t want to be painted. Then apply the primer to the mirror.

  2. Paint the mirror Let the primer dry, then paint it with the chalkboard spray. Use two coats of paint and let it dry.

  3. Enjoy! Let the paint dry for 24 hours and then it is ready to use! Pick up some chalk and write down those to-do lists!