Video/Audio Surveillance of Buyers: Not Cool!

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What Buyers Want Viewing Homes

Most buyers, when viewing a home, want to feel comfortable and relaxed so they can focus on looking at the home and what it has to offer.

Anything that makes them feel discomfort or at all uneasy will detract from the showing.

Four Behaviours Seller Should Avoid:

  1. When the sellers are home, buyers can feel constrained as they can’t speak freely with their sales representative or between themselves.

  2. Even if sellers do their best to stay out of the way, buyers might take less than the time needed to have a good look and get a good feel for the home.

  3. In some cases the sellers’ dog follows the buyers around. In spite of the sellers’ insistence that the dog is friendly one of two things can happen: the buyers are looking down and behind not sure whether the dog might nip at them; or they give the dog playful attention.

  4. To add to the discomfort, some sellers shadow the buyers and follow or lead the buyers around pointing out all the wonderful things they’ve done to the house. They seem unaware that they are coming off somewhat aggressive and, if anything, turning the buyers off.

Today’s Surveillance Technology in Homes Calls for Caution

Home surveillance devices are becoming increasingly common and this too can make buyers uncomfortable. What’s more, if buyers and their reps aren’t aware of video and/or audio scrutiny, they might say something that can give sellers an advantage when negotiating; or even say something that might offend sellers.

RECO (The Real Estate Council of Ontario) has advised salespeople “to caution homebuyers…that there may be a recording device in the home.”

Buyers Deserve a Little Time, Space and Privacy

In most of these scenarios, buyers are distracted from looking at the house. With surveillance, they can also feel a bit creepy. Their reason for being there in the first place is to determine whether the home suits them and is worth buying. So they might find surveillance offensive.

With homes being the biggest purchase in most people’s lives, they deserve a little privacy and freedom to view without feeling impaired. They are, after all, accompanied by their licensed real estate person. What’s more, most often they have looked at the pictures, read the information and discussed the property before viewing. Now they simply want to take a hassle-free look, see whether they get a positive feel for the home, as well as voice concerns or questions their REALTOR® can get answers to in a timely manner.

Realtors® are Wise To Advise Sellers

REALTORS® already ask sellers not to be present during showings. They should also ask whether they have video/audio devices that buyers should be told about in advance of seeing the home. Understanding honoring that buyers prefer a certain level of privacy is also a good marketing practice and can promote showings. Looking over a buyer’s shoulder by any means is anything but cool. Allow them to converse with themselves and their salesperson while viewing, even opening the cupboards to see how much room they would have for storage.