The Importance of Being Barefoot! (By Christa Barrete)


Recent scientific studies reveal that taking off your shoes and walking barefoot on the natural earth has surprising benefits for your health! Walking barefoot creates a sensual sense of delight, and having your bare soles kneaded by the rugged ground can be as pleasurable as getting a professional (and expensive!) foot massage. There are reflexology points in your feet which connect to every organ in the body, and walking barefoot on uneven natural terrain stimulates pressure points in the feet.


But more than that, it is impossible to have a natural gait while wearing shoes. While shoes can protect our feet as we walk in the city and over sharp objects, they are no substitute for the precise shape of the soles of our feet. The unnatural shape of our shoes will throws our body out of its natural alignment over time, and while this causes no major concerns for some, for others it can cause problems such as hip and back pain that has no conventionally diagnoseable origin.

Walking barefoot allows for a natural gait, giving your body the chance to align itself and move freely. Walking barefoot for a period of time each day frees up tension stored in the muscles from shoe-wearing and allows the body to move naturally and freely, which improves posture and reduces stress build up.

Walking barefoot also literally grounds of the human body. Human beings are electrical in nature and electrons in the body have a charge. When our bodies have a predominantly positive charge, we feel stressed and can experience dis-ease. Positively charged ions or ‘free radicals’ are responsible for health problems ranging from aging to inflammation. Free radicals occur in the body as a result of exposure to un-natural environments, electronic equipment like computers, and the consumption of unhealthy foods.

Walking barefoot allows free radicals to move through our feet and be discharged into the earth. As the unhealthy positive ions are leaving the body, the beneficial negative ions from the earth travel up through our feet into our bodies. This cannot occur when wearing shoes, because they have rubber soles that effectively insulate us against this electric energy. When we have more negative ions in the body, we feel relaxed and happy, and negative ions in the body have been associated with a reduction in inflammation and dis-ease.

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