Lavender to Treat Sunburns

Lavare  , is latin for Lavender, which means “  to wash  ”. 

Lavare, is latin for Lavender, which means “to wash”. 

Lavender has many health benefits and has been described as having a particularly clean aroma.  This oil has the ability to eliminate nervous tension, disinfect the skin, relieve pain and this is why it is recommended to be used as a healing agent.   When you are bothered by sensitive skin from being outside all day, having a soak in a bath with this essential oil is recommended.  Applying Aloe Vera to you skin when you are finished will help keep this oil locked in.  Another, effective way to treat sunburns is to mix lavender and aloe vera together in the palm of your and rub on the affected area.   If you have a blister starting to form, applying aloe vera directly to the burnt area will encourage healing and help prevent scaring.

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