Energetic Spring Cleaning

Dr. Tracy Kennedy recently gave a talk on Energetic Spring Cleaning at Greystone Manor Bed & Breakfast.  Below is a clip from that talk.


Spring is a time of clearing and cleansing the old in preparation for new energy.  It is a time where we come out of our winter hibernation and prepare to step into a new period of growth and experience.  Although we might feel compelled to wash windows and clean out our closets, we also want to think about clearing any stagnant and unwanted energy or 'vibes' out of our spaces.  Thoughts and emotions, stemming from events or circumstances, can result in unwanted Energetic debris.

The Dynamics of Energy, Thoughts, and Emotions

Everything is Energy.  Enough scientific research has shown us that thoughts and emotions are also energy, and as such, emit a particular vibration and frequency.  The vibe you get from "I love you" as opposed to "I hate you" can be felt by everyone.  Most people have heard of Masaru Emoto's research on the effects of thoughts and emotions on frozen water - visual evidence of what negative and positive emotion and sentiment looks like.  This is not woo-woo, it's scientifically proven.  Thoughts are energy that are manifested into matter, emotions are energy that are manifested into matter.  This is science, and it's the law of energetic attraction.

The Importance of Energy Clearing

Our energetic fields can become cluttered, overloaded and compromised.  This can lead to fatigue, depression, anxiety, mood swings and poor eating and sleeping habits.  Eventually, this can even lead to pain, dysfunction and disease within the physical body.

How to Clear Your Living Spaces of Energetic Debris

  • Sacred Herbs & Smudging; Pouches
  • Crystals
  • Salt
  • Drums & Rattles
  • Visualisations
  • *Rooms, closets, cabinets, any/all small spaces; antiques, second hand objects

How to Create and Bring Positive, Protective, and Empowering Energy Into Your Home

  • Leave the outside world at the door
  • House appreciation
  • Live plants
  • Objects from nature
  • Feng shui
  • Coloured and scented candles
  • Pink Himalayan salt - chunks / lamps
  • Ambient music
  • Positive thoughts and emotions
  • Change your perception
  • Home and property protection visualisation

Dr. Tracy Kennedy

The Spiritual Spa, 4394 Queen St, Niagara Falls, Ontario