Your “Essentials” for the Month of November – Wild Orange Essential Oils

As we move into November, we become increasingly aware of the need to strengthen our immunity system in order to resist seasonal threats such as the cold and flu. Essential oils are a great way to enhance our immunity the natural way, and for the month of November I recommend Wild Orange.

Cold pressed from the peel, Wild Orange essential oils have a fresh, energizing aroma and various health benefits. Wild Orange is great for protecting our immunity system from seasonal threats because it contains high levels of monoterpenes, which have antibacterial properties. Wild Orange also contains powerful antioxidants that help maintain our overall health; it can be taken on a daily basis to cleanse the body of toxins, or it can be used on surfaces as a natural cleaner (perfect to prepare your home for the upcoming holiday festivities). Moreover, diffusing Wild Orange essential oils on often gloomy November days will purify the air while energizing the body and mind with its fresh scent.

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