Top 5 Essential Oils for Back To School

It’s just about that time again. Summer goes by so dang fast, doesn’t it? I went to the store the other day and saw moms and dads walking around with their shopping list in hand and a cart full of school supplies getting ready for their kids to go back to school.

But did you ever stop and think about how you can start to prepare your child’s body for school? Going from a safe home environment to a new class, new friends, new teachers, and new school is HARD on children. It’s a lot of NEW and lots of children do not do good with a lot of new.

So, I wanted to provide a list of essential oils that you can use to assist your child in settling into their new school environment.

Top 5 Essential Oils for Back to School:

  1. Peppermint & Wild Orange – this is a great blend to help your kids wake-up. They now have an alarm clock to wake up to, or you disturbing their slumber by turning on the light and singing, “school days, school days…good ole fashion rule days.” Put an essential oil diffuser in your kitchen and diffuse this “wake-up blend” while they are eating breakfast. Or you can put this blend in a roll-on bottle and roll it on their wrists and back of neck while you are “nicely” waking them up.
  2. Rosemary – Did you know rosemary can make you smarter? Rosemary is known to improve brain performance and mood. I recommend adding a drop or two to your children’s shampoo and using it to wash their hair, or rubbing a drop through their hair while they are eating breakfast before heading to school. You can, also, diffuse this oil before the kids leave for school or when they come home and work on homework.
  3. “Focus” Blend  – The focus blend contains oils that have been studied and used traditionally for their abilities to promote calmness, focus and a balanced state of mind. Many of these oils contain high levels of sesquiterpenes, which have been proven to pass the blood-brain barrier to reach the cells of the brain. It’s primarily used for helping symptoms associated with children on the spectrum, stress and poor concentration. Try applying this blend to the back of your children’s neck as they are eating breakfast. You can talk with your school about letting your children apply it during school hours.
  4. Lemon – Lemon is known as “The Oil of Focus“. It’s citrusy aroma nourishes the mind and aids in concentration. Lemon is a wonderful aid for children who are struggling with school. It is especially helpful in cases of learning disabilities. It pairs well with Rosemary, so you can make a roller bottle with Rosemary and Lemon and apply to the back of the neck or diffuse this powerful duo before school.
  5. “Calming” Blend  – Children who are hyperactive or have difficulty concentrating could really benefit from this blend. It contains essential oils that are often used to calm and soothe feelings of stress, excitement, and anxiety. It’s great to help wound up kids calm down and settle in for a restful sleep. You can give it to your kids in a detox bath at night using this blend or diffuse it in their room for an hour before bed. You can, also, apply it to the backs of their necks or feet before school (if they are very hyperactive) or at bedtime.

WHERE TO BUY THESE OILS: Contact me to purchase these or any other essential oils.