Buddha Balls

This recipe was a hit from the  2014 International Women’s Day luncheon in Niagara Falls.  Hundreds of these treats were given out and the crowd roared when they found out there was no gluten or added sugar. This 5 minute version to whip up as a quick snack or as a base layer for any raw dessert.  Enjoy!


3/4 c pumpkin seeds

3/4 c almonds

1 1/2 c Medjool dates (about 20), seeds removed

1/2 c toasted shredded coconut

1/4 c coconut oil, softened

1/4 c cacao, ground or nibs

pinch of sea salt


  • Dry roast the shredded coconut in a frying on the stovetop by placing the coconut in the pan on med-high heat and warm through until it turns light golden brown
  • Process the nuts in a food processor with the S blade until they are ground into a fine crumb like texture
  • Add the remaining ingredients and process until well combined and a sticky mixture is obtained.  A little tip, if your medjool dates have lost their freshness and are not moist and chewy, soak them in warm water for 10 minutes before using
  • With clean hands, roll 1 tsp of the mixture into small balls. Place on a flat plate or tray and refrigerate until set (1 hour or so) before serving. Keeping the balls seperated on a flat tray will give them time to form rather than stick together if piled on top of one another
  • You can also use this recipe to make energy bars by pressing the mixture into the bottom of a parchment lined baking pan and refrigerating for 1 – 2 hours, then cutting into individual squares or bars.  OR you can use this as the base for pies and raw desserts by pressing the mixture into the bottom of a pie plate or spring form pan and topping with your favourite filing.